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As the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation increasingly impacts both our work and personal lives in unprecedented ways, the Dream Center has made changes to the way we deliver programs and services to our members while helping to ensure their safety and the safety of our staff and volunteers. Here is a list of the programs we offer and those marked with an asterisk (*) are currently being offered virtually, either by means of Zoom or Facebook:

All About Me

Members share their life stories. Pictures are encouraged. This has proven to be very cathartic for those who participate.

Art Class with Claire *

Explore different styles using acrylic and watercolor paints, and still life drawing with colored pencils. So whether you are an accomplished artist or just draw stick figures join us, maybe learn something new, and share in the fun!


At least once a month we play bingo to engage the members in a fun, competitive game that helps with congnitive and motor function.

Book Club with Denise *

We review one book a month. Come on a journey to be educated, inspired or entertained through the world of books.

Carepartners Group *

This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

Chair Exercise with Brad

An opportunity to warm up using weights and stretch bands followed by a team game.

Chair Exercise with Donna *

High Energy Chair Exercise to upbeat music.

Chair Yoga with Michelle *

This class involves challenging members while incoporating different stretching techniques.

Chair Yoga with Pek

An opportunity to practice Yoga techniques in a quiet setting, while promoting relaxation, flexibility, and meditation.

Chair Zumba with Michelle *

Dancing in your chair, using Latin rhythms as a focal point.

Chat Session and Lunch *

Currently we are meeting virtually to eat lunch and chat about what's going on in each others lives. 

Crafts with Carla

This fun acitivty encourages members to participate in making easy to do crafts.

Dr. Jonathan Cahill, Q&A *

Regular visits in an informal setting with our MS Neurologist and board member Dr. Jonathan Cahill.


Wii Bowling, scrabble tournaments, Hi-Lo Jack, concentration and more. Lots of fun comraderie and friendly competition that helps keep  our cognitive and motor skills strong.

Gym Equipment

For our members to use, we have available a recumbent bike, stationary bike, leg lift machine, and stationary pedals for developing arm and ankle strength.

Hair Cuts

The ability to “get up and go” when those of us without MS need simple care like getting a haircut is often taken for granted. The Dream Center coordinates for a hair professional to come to offer this service for a nominal fee.

Informational Network *

Guest speakers including, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, legal and financial advisers, mobility and other health and wellness related issues.

Movie Night

A once a month movie night that offers foreign and eclectic films, followed by a discussion after the movie. This program is run by member John Holloman and his wife/care partner Kathleen Gerard.

MS Members Only *

Not a pity party, but rather an opportunity for members to share what’s going on in their lives relative to all areas of their lives, MS and beyond. Discussion on medications, progression of the disease, difficulty with finances, divorce, housing , and social security are among topics reviewed.

Reiki with Barbara

Reiki promotes healing, relaxation and decreases stress.

Reiki with Doreen

Reiki promotes healing, relaxation and decreases stress.

Socialization Time

Sometimes we just want to sit and talk, watch a movie or stream Netflix.

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